A Mixed Methods Researcher with a Population Studies Foundation

My name is Emily E. N. Miller, and I am a PhD candidate in Population Studies and Social Policy at Princeton University. 

I am broadly interested in how the intersection of family, place (with an emphasis on rural and suburban communities), and policy contexts shape family and child outcomes across a diversifying United States.

Although most of my current work focuses on population-level trends and survey data, I have worked on several qualitative and fieldwork-based projects. Because of this experience, I am aware of the value-add of qualitative methods in idea generation and understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind what I find in quantitative analyses. I strive to incorporate qualitative components and research in my projects.

Before coming to Princeton, I received a B.S. in Policy Analysis and Management and minored in Inequality Studies at Cornell University. My research at Cornell covered public health and health communication. After Cornell, I worked as a research assistant at Child Trends on a range of projects, including smartphone-based randomized control trials, parenting knowledge focus groups, and measuring Hispanic and Latino diversity across federal datasets.

I come from an interdisciplinary background and am currently in the Joint Degree Program in Social Policy at Princeton. My work draws inspiration from theories and methods from demography, sociology, history, economics, and developmental psychology. While doing projects both in academia and policy settings, I have learned about importance of research communication and messaging. For my research, I seek out opportunities to communicate clearly with broader audiences and take my findings to policymakers and communities that can use it.

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