Beyond teaching, I believe that one-on-one conversations, both formal and informal, are a great way to build the next generation of scholars

ReMatch+ Program (2021-2022)

This program matches undergraduate and graduate students. I hosted two Zoom sessions. One was about the various methods I use in my research. The other was a “Day in the Life” of a social scientist.

In the summer of 2021, I mentored an undergraduate student completing an 8-week full-time research project. The project was a qualitative interview project on COVID-19 pandemic policy response and vaccine hesitancy in the Appalachian region. This video describes our project.

We then decided to focus on rural disparities in education. We tested some hypotheses developed from the interviews using state-level education data. This project was presented by my mentee at an annual research conference.

Resident Graduate Student (2019 – present)

For the past three years, I was a Resident Graduate Student at an undergraduate dorm.

During this time, I participated in many panels about graduate school and the job hunt. I also informally mentored students over coffee, beignets, or crafts on a variety of topics like impostor syndrome, times I failed an exam or did not get a position I applied for, studying habits, and living a balanced life.

American Voices Project (2019-2020)

I provided written feedback on ethnographic field notes for a group of American Voices Project fellows. I also participated in multiple panel discussions.