Committee and Service Work

I serve on several committees at Princeton. Serving the greater graduate student community allows for establishment of institutional processes and a way to improve transparency. The committees I have served on have made substantive changes to all aspects of grad school including the curriculum, housing, student wellbeing, health care, and diversity and inclusion. Improving institutional systems is a way to improve equity and the experience for students after me.

Graduate Student Government – Student Assembly Representative

Since 2021, I have been my department’s representative for our Graduate Student Government. Tasks for this position include providing feedback on grad school processes, data collection on department requirements, advocacy, and communicating with students.

Administrator for Program in Population Studies Graduate Student Professional Development Activities Coordinator

I served in some capacity for my department since my first year. My duties have included revising the curriculum, organizing social and team building events, coordinating professional development activities and student works in progresses, and re-doing OPR’s website.

Other Volunteering

I have also participated in several community volunteer opportunities. Including:

  • Covid Tracking Project: From October 2020 through March 2021, I did data entry two to three times a week for the Covid Tracking Project.
  • Volunteer Low Income Tax Assistant: When I lived in DC area, I volunteered as a tax preparer. I also was trained on how to help people sign up for benefits like SNAP.